The Nightbreed’s Peloquin

I just finished this drawing today.  It was created for a friend and was done with pen and ink on a 14 x 17 piece of Bristol board.  The image features two major characters from Clive Barker’s Nightbreed/Cabal universe.  The shadowy black figure holding up the circle is the Nightbreed’s god Baphomet.  I imagine him as more feminized than he appeared in the film, almost androgynous, so I tried to draw him that way.  But the main figure of this image is the tentacle-headed Peloquin, kind of the mascot of the Nightbreed.  The image isn’t perfect; but, as I have been out of practice on my drawing, not having picked up a pencil or pen since early last year, I think it turned out pretty decent.  What do you think?

Peloquin (2014)
Peloquin (2014)

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