‘Buck Deer’ Drawing

Here’s another recent drawing I did of a buck deer (titled Buck Deer, appropriately), rendered with pen & ink on 14 x 17 Bristol board.  I’m not ecstatic with it.  For one thing the patch of grass and weeds at the bottom left-hand corner is too busy and dark; for another–and perhaps this is only because I’ve been immersing myself in so much Art Nouveau lately–I find the image to be too staid and square.  Still, I think it is worth posting to show my progression on the textures.  I’m particularly proud of the tree bark and the deer’s antlers.

I am in fact planning to do a series of these wildlife drawings, the next one being a fox, but I am going to try to do the next ones with more interesting framing techniques, livelier curves and so on.  I’ll post them as I complete them.

Buck Deer (2014)
Buck Deer (2014)

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