. . . Of the Week (5-3-14)

Article of the Week

A Facebook friend of mine posted this, and I felt it was worth sharing here.  It’s about an Auschwitz victim, a young child at the time, who is using social media like Facebook to try to locate the twin he was separated from at the concentration camp.  Pass it on, please.  Let’s make this happen for him!  And while we’re at it, here’s a story of a similar search where it worked like a charm (you’ll need a Facebook account to see it).

An Auschwitz Survivor Searches for His Twin on Facebook

Album Cover of the Week

Here’s another excellent use of photo collage.  I particularly love how the pyramid was handled.  But then, I’m a sucker  for anything that uses outer space graphic elements.

Dirty Art Club - Heavy Starch (cover)
Dirty Art Club – Heavy Starch (cover)

Song of the Week

Your song this week is a bit dark, so be forewarned: if you don’t like dark music, avoid this one.  It’s from the Norwegian psychedelic hard rock band Ulver.  Ulver means ‘Wolves’ in Norwegian.  This is a cover of a Pretty Things song, and it is fantastic.  I have a category of music I call the Darke Nostalgick, which I use to describe those songs that give me that creepy feeling one sometimes gets when reminded of something from childhood that can’t quite be nailed down.  I know, I know, the Medieval spelling is pretentious, but it just felt right.  Incidentally, I also have a category for songs that trigger nostalgia in a purely pleasant way: Memoria Mystica.  Anyway, this song, Bracelets of Fingers, definitely falls into the first category.  The album from which it was taken, Childhood’s End, features another exceptional cover design, one that incorporates the famous photo by Nick Ut of kids running from a napalm attack in Vietnam.

Ulver – Bracelets of Fingers

Art of the Week

I love elephants, and I love H. P. Lovecraft, so this was a must-post.  It’s a mural painted by artist Alexis Diaz.  Seriously, follow the link and check it out.  Diaz’s stuff is incredible.

Alexis Diaz - Hanbury Street mural, London
Alexis Diaz – Hanbury Street mural, London

Quote of the Week

Finally, something new, a quote of the week . . .

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. – Carl Jung



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