This is something I created a couple of years ago.  It’s a Photoshop digital collage that uses “found” images from the web, most notably a NASA image of the planet Saturn for the backdrop.  This was intended to be the first in a series called the New Pantheon, which was to be my interpretation of the Greek gods.  This one is Hermes, the messenger god.  I may yet do the rest of them, but for the time being this is it.  Enjoy!

The New Pantheon: Hermes
The New Pantheon: Hermes



5 thoughts on “Hermes

    1. It’s not really supposed to be pondered too deeply. I suppose the city in the flower is sort of my literalization of the concept of the flowering of civilization. Hermes is a winged robotic head, which is a modern interpretation of the notion of a Greek god. Hermes is often pictured as wearing a winged helmet (such as here). Yes, those blades protruding from his head are supposed to be wings. His otherwise misty/smokey form is issuing forth from the city, presumably to deliver a message to someone. Well, he is the messenger god after all. And as for Saturn, well . . . I just thought it looked cool back there. 🙂

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