Another addition to the New Pantheon series, here is Artemis, goddess of the hunt and of the moon.  This one is a much more traditional design and I’m considering doing a more surreal version of Artemis, but I still like this one too.  The body was used pretty much as I found it.  I did move one hand to a different position and darkened her considerably, since it’s a night scene, and tinkered with the bow and arrow a bit.  I also swapped out her face for that of a different model.  I did not add the netting to her legs; it was already there, though I left it alone because hunters of old often did carry nets with them and so it did not contrast thematically.

To me the most interesting part of her costume, though–what little there is of it–is her helmet, particularly the crest, which is just a hand fan with a Greek pattern added.  I gave the crest a translucence, which I think added a touch of otherworldliness to the image, but essentially it’s a pretty straightforward design.  The cliff, moon and background are all added elements too, of course.  Hope you like it!

The New Pantheon: Artemis
The New Pantheon: Artemis

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