. . . Of the Week (6-22-14)

This really should’ve been put out yesterday, but much of my day was consumed with writing a longer article for this blog.  Anyway, a day late and a dollar short . . . the story of my life.

Article of the Week

I’m not a fan of the American gun culture at all.  I own a rifle, but more out of necessity (everyone in the South has at least one) than any desire to have it.  I have lost two different family members in two completely separate incidents to gun violence, both of them crime-of-passion murders that almost certainly would not have happened if guns hadn’t been present in the home.  Here’s a lovely fact: in America, on average, three women a day are murdered by their spouses or partners.  And the number one means of doing it?  Guns, by far.  Something to think about.

A ‘Grim Tally’: Abusers, Guns, and the Women They Kill

Album Cover of the Week

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is an instrumental/electronica band–not my usual taste, but I do like a couple of their songs.  And I absolutely love this cover design!  Outer space?  Check.  Surreal weirdness?  Check.  Strong composition?  Check.  There you have it.

STS9 - When the Dust Settles (cover)
STS9 – When the Dust Settles (cover)

Website of the Week

As a bona fide agnostic (more or less), I love a good skeptical site, and this one is a winner.  There are some annoying aspects to the site, like the email updates pop-up and a crappy layout, but the information it provides is fantastic.  So, check it out.


Artwork of the Week

Two for one today, both by William Mortensen.  Mortensen was an early twentieth century photographer of the Pictorialist school, which was basically the opposite of documentary style photography.  Pictorialist photographs were artificially crafted scenes made to resemble paintings, and sometimes elaborate set pieces were created just for one photograph.  Mortensen was one of the best photographers who worked in this style.

William Mortensen - The Heretic
William Mortensen – The Heretic
William Mortensen - Mutual Admiration
William Mortensen – Mutual Admiration

Song of the Day

I almost included this song in my post The Ultimate ‘Dark Tower’ Playlist.  It’s dark, haunting and somewhat surreal, so it fits the theme in a vague way, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t actually about the books and in the end I didn’t include it in that list.  Still, it’s such a fantastic song that I felt it needed to be posted somewhere on my blog.  It’s the first track from Dave Smallen’s album Desolation.  Incidentally, Smallen is also a visual artist, and he creates his own album covers in addition to the music, including the one for Desolation, which you can see here.  You can hear the entire album–not to mention his other albums–at his site as well, and I encourage you to do so.  He deserves to be better known.

Dave Smallen – The Tower

That’s all for this week.  Until next time, sayonara and have a great week!


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