I, Steampunk

I don’t generally like to just post photos of myself on the internet without some reason, and up till now I have avoided posting photos of me on this blog altogether, but I figured I would share this image because it’s fun.  I took an existing photo of someone dressed in steampunk fashion and pasted my own head (from a family photo taken twenty years ago) on it, which amuses my greatly.  I chose this particular steampunk figure because of the mechanical right hand, which is the hand that I am actually missing, so it fit.  I use the head shot from this image (with a different background color) for my io9 avatar and elsewhere on the interwebz.  I hope you enjoy it because I’m not likely to post any more photos of myself for awhile. 🙂

Indigo Xix as a steampunk dude
Indigo Xix as a steampunk dude


2 thoughts on “I, Steampunk

  1. I know what you mean about not posting pics of oneself. It feels funny to me for some reason. Nicely done pic! If I didn’t recognize the body from the original I wouldn’t have known it was cut together.

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