About This Site

Greetings, blogosphere and interwebz–welcome to Indigo Xix.  And now, no doubt you are wondering, what exactly is Indigo Xix?  Well, for one thing, it is me.  For personal reasons I have opted to keep my true identity private to all but a handful of trusted friends and relatives, who shall be induced to keep my identity private on pain of death!  Or at least on pain of listening to me throw a tantrum like an ornery 2-year-old, which is pretty close the same thing.  Ahem.  So, Indigo Xix is, for lack of a better designation, my nom de guerre for the purposes of this blog and may eventually become my creator name as well (I am an aspiring author and artist, you see.)

Indigo Xix is also my personal realm, which I have heretofore been somewhat reluctant to share with all and sundry.  It’s a delicate, frangible place, as dreamworlds are wont to be, and while I had once feared that others might be a little too rough with it if I let them take a gander and might even (gulp) break it, perhaps irreparably, I have since developed a tough and durable fancy-resin with which to coat my lovely kingdom, so go ahead and just try to break it, I dare you!

The proper name  Indigo comes from the color I most associate with the imagination, dreams and mystery, perhaps tracing back to an early childhood dream or memory in which I recall toddling about in a small, densely peopled room illuminated only by that icon of 1970s hippiedom, the black light.  Oh yeah, I grew up in the seventies–I will divulge that much to you about myself.  And Xix . . . well, let’s just say that Xix is my private joke and that it will remain so for the time being.  But hey, stick around long enough and you might just figure out what it means anyway.

And there you go.

The next question that may be haunting you then (unless you’re a latecomer to the site and have already gotten a heady sample of my tastes and interests), is, what am likely to find here?  You, dear reader, will find book, film and music reviews by Yours Truly, as well as my humble musings on politics, philosophy, ethics, psychology, science, religion, culture and whatever else happens to provoke me to glee, admiration, sadness, terror, wrath or some combination thereof.  So . . . yeah.  Oh, and art.  Lots and lots of art.  You’ll see plenty of that here.

Before I get too far along, allow me to take this moment to say a few words about my inclinations: my taste in literature, art, etc. tends to run toward the dark, weird, surreal and elaborately elegant, but I’m not immune to the occasional dollop of cute, sweet, kitschy and slyly amusing.  Call them guilty pleasures if you will, but I don’t feel particularly guilty about them.  Also, I’m a big fan of the ‘speculative fiction’ genres–science fiction, horror, dark fantasy and slipstream primarily–but I also have a fondness for the literary classics, comics, indie and foreign films, anything to do with the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras, and works about childhood and coming of age (bildungsroman), so all of that will be well represented here.   While we’re on the subject, I need to point out one very important thing about the creative content on this site: while I’m not interested in posting out-and-out pornography, you are bound to run into images featuring nudity, moderately erotic content, violence and/or horror imagery and sacrilegious imagery as well as textual descriptions of the same.  If you are easily offended by such things, then I have to ask, what in the world are you doing on the internet?  Take a look around–this may not be the final frontier, but it is the digital Wild West out here so either mosey on outta here, toughen up or lighten up, hombre.  Whichever works for you. 🙂

In terms of politics, I tend to skew liberal, but I am by no means an ideologue and my reasons for supporting the things I support would likely surprise many people if they got to know me. Some of those reasons will be shared here; others will not.  Science also fascinates me, especially zoology, genetics, cognitive science and cosmology.  Another subject that fascinates me is psychology, and of special relevance to me within that discipline are the various forms of altered consciousness, cognitive distortions and biases, the mechanics of memory, and developmental psychology.  As for philosophy,  I’m pretty much an Existentialist, yet I may sometimes crib from the likes of Hume, Nietzsche, Kant and Lao Tzu.  Spiritually I have run the gamut from Christian to Taoist to humanist to agnostic;  these days I seem to be leaning back towards a Transcendental view of God, but I have long rejected religion as an organized entity and see it as one of the most destructive (if not the most destructive) human institutions in history, so I have little patience or empathy with religious hardliners of any stripe.  To put it more bluntly, I dislike racists, sexists, religious fundies, moral absolutists and anyone else whom I would classify as moral or ethical Neanderthals–basically anyone who uses religion or pseudoscience to oppress others.  ‘Nuff said about that.

Last but not least, you’ll find examples, discussions and updates on my own creative output: my illustration, graphic design and fiction, which occasionally overlap.  I have two major writing projects in the works, but you’ll also see examples of my art, fiction and poetry unrelated to either of those series, most of which will be standalone works.

So that’s about the gist of it.  If any of this has grabbed your attention or aroused your curiosity, pop in on occasion and see what is being offered up, or follow me if you like.  I welcome commentary, even if it’s critical, but do play nicely.  If you get abusive or insulting, most likely I will not even respond and will just delete your reply, but if I do respond, be prepared to get back what you give and then some.  Otherwise, enjoy the site!


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